Speaker Trish Jenkins delivers an Inspiring Presentation for Company Events!

From Prison to Powerhouse Presenter!

"Trish's Tough Love names the elephants in the room, brings laughter and gets results!" 


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An Amazing story of Resilience and Reinvention to impact and equip your people!

Prison was not on the "Goal Chart" of entrepreneur Trish Jenkins. Trish was an accomplished business woman and investor with a multi-million dollar portfolio. Her dream life became a nightmare when she made a fatal mistake: unwittingly working with a con-artist. Trish was found in breach of the Corporations Act, lost everything and was sentenced to 8 months in prison.

Bring a truly WOW factor to your event that leaves a lasting impact!

Living with some of Queensland's most dangerous criminals and isolated from her husband and 3 little girls, Trish could have succumbed to despair. Instead she found keys to dealing with disaster and turning it around. Trish now shares keys to mental and emotional strength as a well-respected international speaker and author. Her Turnaround Talks and Workshop topics are gutsy, practical and drawn from real world experience. Trish removes excuses, changes mindsets and inspires action.

 Lessons from the Lock-Up: Beat Fear Build Resilience!

Headshot with barbed wireThe strongest prison bars holding us back are the ones in our head...

"I am most often asked, 'What was prison like? How did you cope with the fear, the shame, the anger, the stress? How did you go from being virtually unemployable to an international business? How can that apply to my life and career???' The keys I share are tested by fire. They work. They will break your limitations and unlock your success. It's all in how you look at it." ~ Trish Jenkins 

"How you See determines How you Succeed!" Trish Jenkins will strengthen your people where it matters.

Trish is uniquely placed to challenge popular business mindsets and courageously address the real issues that "white ant" company profits. Leading with a delightful mix of humility and laughter, Trish points out imperative strategies to make an impact on your company bottom line... and your life!


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Building Resilient People in Uncertain Times.

Audiences are captivated as Trish shares original, real-life stories from her prison experience and subsequent Turnaround success. Some are poignant, others hilarious. Each one brings powerful strategies to address challenges and change, to handle difficult people and inspire teams. 

The strongest prison bars holding us back are the ones in our head!

Bruised but not crushed. Struck down but not destroyed. Resilient.

First day home. Bruised but not crushed. Struck down but not destroyed. Resilient.

After gaining her freedom Trish was tormented by PTSD, anxiety and depression. Resenting this further robbery of her life, Trish declared ENOUGH! A series of decisions were keys that unlocked her mental and emotional health and formed the Attitude that Enables Turnaround. Trish regained her joy and passion for life. More importantly, this experience awakened a calling to equip others to break mental chains so they can enjoy what they do and the people around them.

That passion took her from being virtually unemployable to sought after international speaker and author. It's all in how you look at it! 

Qualifications: Trish reinforced her practical experience with formal studies. She attained a Graduate Certificate in Management (Distinction in Leadership and Change Management) AND received a "Dean's Commendation". While Trish also keeps her TAE Certificate IV Training and Assessment in Frontline Management up to date, her popular "Smart Skills" programs are independent of the VET sector.

Service: Trish serves as Region Trainer of non-profit organisation Soroptimist International, South Queensland Region.

Professional Speakers Australia: Trish also serves on the Leadership Team of Professional Speakers Australia QLD/NT chapter. PSA is Australia's non-profit Peak Body for those who Inform, Inspire and Influence.

Trish's intensity is impossible to ignore. It demands a response that says "If she can, I can!"