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The strongest prison bars holding us back are the ones in our head. “How you see determines How you Succeed!” Trish Jenkins will strengthen your people where it matters.


Trish is uniquely placed to challenge popular business mindsets and courageously address the real issues that ”white ant” your company profits. Leading with a delightful mix of humility and laughter, Trish points out imperative strategies to make an impact on your bottom line… and you life!

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“I am most often asked, ‘What was prison like? How did you cope with the fear, the shame, the anger, the stress? How did you go from being virtually unemployable to an international business? How can that apply to my life and business???’ The keys I share are tested by fire. They work. They will break your limitations and unlock your success. It’s all in how you look at it.” ~ Trish Jenkins

Keynotes and Smart Skills Programs: 

  • Lessons from the Lockup: Beat Fear and Build Resilience – Unlocks limitations to confidently achieve goals, sales and make stress their servant instead of their jailer.
  • Resilient Customer Service – Maxed out? Stressed out? Burned out? Build your people’s resilience so they consistently rise to the challenge in the relentless field of customer service!
  • Resilient Relationships – What % of your workplace challenges are caused by people? Reduce Costly Conflicts and gain Superior Results by equipping your people with tools that bring breakthrough in communication and efficiency. These are not “Soft Skills” they are “SMART SKILLS”.




Prison was not on the “Goal Chart” of entrepreneur Trish Jenkins.  Trish was an accomplished business woman and investor with a multi-million dollar portfolio. Her dream life became a nightmare when she made a fatal mistake: unwittingly working with a con-artist. Trish was found in breach of the Corporations Act, lost everything and was sentenced to 8 months in prison.

Isolated from her husband and 3 little girls, Trish could have succumbed to despair. Instead she found keys to dealing with disaster and turning it around.

Trish imparts keys of courage from her prison experience and recovery sharing real stories about real people in bizarre circumstances. Trish will inspire your people to excel, calculate risk, stir up courage to take ground and meet challenges with a smile.

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Determined to prevent others from falling for the same traps, she worked with a leading investigation company and is now sharing her insights with the world. Today, as a well-respected international speaker, Trish’s heart-filled and inspirational story is empowering audiences and defying the status quo. Identifying the warning signs and numerous pitfalls of financial disasters that even the most astute and careful investor can miss, is just one of the fascinating topics she takes to the stage.