Weapons of Cash Destruction!


1 man with a briefcase can steal more than 10 men with guns!

You've worked hard for what you've achieved. Don't let some low-life suit or sweet talking blouse rip you off! Weapons of Cash Destruction will sharpen your inner Bull-dust Detector against fraud.
This book will tell you what your Financial Advisor won't.


You will discover:

  • What makes you a target
  • What to do about it
  • How to move past it
  • How to spot Fraud Warning Signals in finance and romance before it's too late!
  • GOOD opportunities because you are not distracted by BAD ones!


Written by inspiring speaker Trish Jenkins, who was a multi-millionaire before being unwittingly caught up in a fraud, breached the Corporations Act, lost everything and spent 8 months in PRISON!
Refusing to remain a victim, Trish vowed to overcome and educate others on how to spot fraud.

From the author of "Treasures of Darkness - A Prison Journey" and "Dangerous Wealth - What Every Successful Woman Needs to Know to Avoid Being Ripped Off!"
Weapons of Cash Destruction is the "gender neutral" version of "Dangerous Wealth."


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