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Aloha to my new Hawaii friends!

$249 value for just $147AUD (allow for a slight variation in USD.)

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Congratulations on your investment in yourself! The material you are about to download will help you improve your financial understanding, your relationships “radar” and your personal confidence.

 In addition to the videos, audios and PDFs you will be able to spend time with Trish via Skype or Google Plus. During this 30 minute consultation, Trish will listen and tailor some keys that will bring out your inner Warrior and help you take ground!


What is included:

Your Books
Weapons of Cash Destruction: Protect Your Fortune from Fraud!

Treasures of Darkness: A Prison Journey

Dangerous Wealth: What Every Successful Woman Needs to Know to Avoid Being Ripped Off!

Audio Book: Dangerous Wealth: What Every Successful Woman Needs to Know to Avoid Being Ripped Off!

How to be Assertive and Handle Criticism
On Overcoming Adversity filmed for Channel Ten News
Ex-FBI agent interviews Trish on “How Courage gave her mental toughness to Survive in prison.”
PDF notes on interview
Wesley Mission Christian TV interview

Affirmations on Adversity, Finance and Family
Questions for Business Opportunities and Romance
Scriptures for Affirmations in Adversity
Take The Warrior Challenge Quizes

Affirmations on Adversity, Finance and Family
Scripture verses for Affirmations
Talk for Channel Ten News Story on Overcoming Adversity

Chart: Answer to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:

Your purchase contains all Trish’s books, including an audio book, videos, audios and PDFs of presentations, affirmations and material that will take you further and bring out your inner Warrior!