Lessons From the Lock-Up!

Programs 30 minutes to 4 days.

The Three People You’ll Meet in Prison: 

What Leaders Can Learn from a Thief, a Fraud and a Drug Dealer.

This program will challenge your assumptions about your workplace, your workmates and your mental eco-system.  You’re not a slave to your environment; you’re a slave to your (more)

Cyber Crime

Your Company Is Already a Target and Here’s What to Do About It.

One teenager with a smartphone can steal more than ten men with guns. This program is a wake-up call to all companies. It will challenge your assumptions about what cyber crime is, who most often commits it and (more)

Three Relationships That Will Imprison or Prosper You:

Secrets To Work the System.

Your Mental Ecosystem determines your resilience to change, setbacks and promotions. This interactive program identifies 3 relationships that are pivotal to your success.  It looks at what improves or pollutes (more

Bullies and Cry-Babies, Professionals and Prisoners:

Equipping Your Staff to Handle Conflict

This program will challenge your approach to costly conflict. When one person’s “bullying” is another person’s “robust conversation” you have a problem. 4 out of 5 people leave a job because (more)   

The Three People You’ll Talk to in Prison:

What Your Staff Can Learn About How to Get Heard

This program will change how you get what you need from others.  Your words affect your workplace, your workmates and your mental eco-system. Your assumptions and biases affect how you (more)

 When choosing a presenter, excellence is standard. Go beyond excellence to Unforgettable Impact!  

People ask me, "What was prison like? How did you cope with the fear, the shame, the anger, the stress? How did you get back up again?

What did you do that I can apply to my life and career?"

A prison record is embarrassing. Your reputation is tainted, resume ruined and you are now in the only demographic allowed to be discriminated against.

A teaspoon of cement: Do whatever it takes!

Coming home I was dismayed to be diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression. I wanted to hide for the rest of my life. But my family had suffered enough.

If you can choose to give up and give in, to indulge in self-pity, your circumstances are not bad enough! There is no choice. Choose instead to do whatever it takes to be an example of how to come back from setbacks, how to live well, how to be resilient. You will be surprised at the reward for that effort.


I speak because my message is more important than my pride. 


In prison, I was forced to live with people who appeared to be from a different planet! Then I began to see beyond the surface.  I saw real people, dysfunctional, a mixture of good and bad, all desperate to feel like they matter. The workplace is a mirror of the same characters, though usually less extreme.

If what I deliver worked in prison, how much more so in your organisation?


Excellence is expected. Go beyond Excellence to Unforgettable!

An excellent speaker has great information and passion. An unforgettable, impactful speaker has HEART. Not another clever acronym, but a deep caring about the lives entrusted to them for the time allocated.

When my "Lessons from the Lock-Up!" enable people to think better, master their emotions, lift themselves up and be easier to work with, I can say, it was WORTH it.  THEY are worth it. Strengthening your organisation is worth it! 

I'm sold out for what I do. There is no going back.  

You are why I speak. You are worth it.