Lessons From the Lock-Up!

The Three People You’ll Meet in Prison: 

What Leaders Can Learn from a Thief, a Fraud and a Drug Dealer.

This program will challenge your assumptions about your workplace, your workmates and your mental eco-system.  You’re not a slave to your environment; you’re a slave to your (more)

Risk & Resilience

What Makes Companies Vulnerable and What to Do About it.

One teenager with a smartphone can steal more than ten men with guns. One poor decision can bring an entire Fortune 500 company to its knees. Company risk management, agility, and resilience are only as robust as the relationship between compliance, compensation and key staff. This program is a wake-up call to all companies, (more)

You Can Serve Time or Serve People

"This job would be great if it weren't for those annoying customers!" ~ Yikes!

This interactive program identifies THREE relationships that are pivotal to your success and happiness in customer service.  Only ONE of them involves a customer. It looks at what improves or pollutes those relationships and what to do about it. You have more control over your environment than you may think. (more

Bullies and Babies, Dealing with Difficult People

This program will challenge your approach to costly conflict. When one person’s “bullying” is another person’s “robust conversation” you have a problem. 4 out of 5 people leave a job because (more)