Your Company Is Already a Target and Here’s What To Do About It.

One junior employee with a laptop can steal more than ten robbers with guns. This program is a wake-up call to all companies, especially in light of new mandatory data breach reporting requirements.  Prevention is better than public humiliation!


This program will challenge your assumptions about what cybercrime is, who most often commits it and what to do about it. Trish Jenkins is uniquely positioned to speak to your people on this subject as she uses her personal experience with criminals in prison to address the issue. 


In this compelling, practical program, you will learn:


  • Why your company is a target for cybercrime
  • What cybercrime is
  • Why cybercriminals are less likely to be Chinese intelligence and more likely to be someone closer to home. Very close.
  • The three types of people who are likely to commit this crime
  • Why passwords and firewalls mean nothing if you overlook one important thing


Trish’s expertise and passion are personal. She’s lived through it. Trish Jenkins spent eight months in prison after unwittingly working for a con artist. She got to know a wide range of criminals, including cybercriminals. Trish learned more while locked up than she did in her 20 years in the business world, about human nature, boundaries, and resilience.
Determined to warn others, Trish is now the author of two books on fraud warning signals in business and relationships.


Improve productivity, systems and teamwork, while reducing fraud and staff turnover.


Call +61 418 556 198 today to arrange for Trish to speak to your group.

Everyone in public practice as accountants (tax agents & advisors etc) and CFOs & CEO's with sales organisations in financial products needs to hear what you have to say. The risks they take – knowingly or not, can ruin their business if they not on top of important behaviours and signals. Your talk will strengthen and empower them and their staff. It’s more important than ever to understand not only risk, but the climate that creates it.

I want to thank you for a few things:

  • For taking the time and a chance by coming to the forum….a little different but pretty genuine. People who are leaders in their worlds taking out time to be with others in similar situations.
  • For impacting everyone yesterday – because you reached inside and gave them all a shake. Hard to do and you did it – your impact was different for each person, I am pretty sure. I was moved and could see the impact.
  • For the courage you showed and the inspiration that courage will have on those people when they least understand it.

Andrew Rettie

Foray Accounting & Management Services Pty Ltd



On behalf of the CPA Queensland Forensic Accounting Discussion Group, I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to you for the presentation Dealing with Fraudsters...

The feedback received from the audience was very positive. Your presentation provided a valuable first-hand insight into the personality and behavioural characteristics of both fraud perpetrators and their victims. The topics you addressed will no doubt be of great assistance to the group's members in the way they conduct their investigations in the future.

David Lonton

Convenor - Queensland Forensic Accounting Discussion Group
Level 29, 10 Eagle Street
Brisbane QLD 4000