Serve Time or Serve People

"This job would be great if it weren't for those annoying customers!" ~ Yikes!

THREE relationships are pivotal to your success and happiness in customer service. Only ONE of them involves a customer. There are elements that improve or pollute those relationships and you can identify and deal with them. You have more control over your environment than you may think. 

Three relationships:

  • The individual - Your Mental Eco-system requires you to take charge of what affects it.
  • Internal Company Relationships - Your Vertical and Horizontal relationships, be they healthy or toxic, create a ripple effect. The ripples flow through your company and your personal life affecting the productivity of both.
  • External Company Relationships - Customers and Suppliers. The ripples of internal discord flow outward to customers and suppliers, through mistakes, blame and indifference. 

In this compelling, interactive program your people will learn how to:

  • See where each relationship affects the others to identify and address problem rather than symptoms
  • "Manage Up" to enable your managers to help you do your best
  • Stop feeling like you are serving time and enjoy serving people
  • Disarm the destructive culture of gossip and games and build a culture of support and productivity
  • Treat colleagues as customers to enhance productivity and job satisfaction

Trish Jenkins served eight months in prison after unwittingly working for a con artist. She learned more while locked up than she did in her 20 years in the business world. You can escape serving time and enjoy serving people. Master your mind so you are prepared for opportunities instead of a slave to circumstance.

Improve productivity, teamwork and morale, while reducing strife and staff turnover. 


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