"In 21 years with Marriott I've heard a lot of Motivational Speakers... but hearing just for that 1 hour was really amazing!"





Councilwoman Diane DuBois, Lakewood City Council, California

Celebrity Leigh Muirhead, MC for the Worksmart Office Professionals Conference 2012 held at Seaworld on the gorgeous Gold Coast.

Trish was inspirational, yet real and people could relate to her. They walked away feeling  she is actually a friend now!


Accountant Brett Munns



Everyone in public practice as accountants (tax agents & advisors etc) and CFOs & CEO's with sales organisations in financial products needs to hear what you have to say. The risks they take – knowingly or not, can ruin their business if they not on top of important behaviours and signals. Your talk will strengthen and empower them and their staff. It’s more important than ever to understand not only risk, but the climate that creates it.

I want to thank you for a few things:


  • For taking the time and a chance by coming to the forum….a little different but pretty genuine. People who are leaders in their worlds taking out time to be with others in similar situations.
  • For impacting everyone yesterday – because you reached inside and gave them all a shake. Hard to do and you did it – your impact was different for each person, I am pretty sure. I was moved and could see the impact.
  • For the courage you showed and the inspiration that courage will have on those people when they least understand it.

Andrew Rettie


Foray Accounting & Management Services Pty Ltd




Trish Jenkins walked in front of a room of people who are used to talking and running small to medium businesses, these people are used to having people listen to them.

Within minutes of opening her heart and soul with her experiences and knowledge learnt, Trish had the same room LISTENING!!... I would certainly recommend to anyone to listen to her words and feel, yes feel, her advice. There is alot to be taken from the information that Trish has.

Listen, learn and appreciate....

Matt Lewer

AXIS BUILD pty ltd




As a practising lawyer, I found Trish's practical tips on spotting the signs of fraudulent behaviour, which she has learnt from bitter experience, were useful in helping me to protect my own and my client's financial interests. Trish provided a unique and personal perspective on the seductive traps of wealth creation schemes. The story of her journey from being a successful property investor to ending up in prison was engaging. The focus of her presentation on issues such as personal integrity is a reminder of the importance of ethical principles when businesses can often find themselves caught up in only thinking of end results.

Tim Clark, Solicitor
Friends of Make-A-Wish Foundation
"The "Friends" of Make-A-Wish Luncheon group highly recommended as a Guest Speaker, Thank you, Trish for the insight into your world. I was with her as the ladies were leaving and their Feedback was one of Inspiration & Congratulations & Well "Wishes" for her future endeavors, ...."
Colleen Littlejohn - Secretary of the Friends of Make-A-Wish - Gold Coast....







Your session was eye opening and your book “Treasures of Darkness” a gripping read. Until someone like yourself has the courage to speak up – it is easy to assume “it will never happen to me”. I am sure you have had a profound effect on our people; not just about financial savvy, but more importantly about resilience and courage.

Suzanne Kallenbach
People Manager
ph 07 34129704| F 07 3412 9649
Level 5, 106 City Road, BEENLEIGH QLD 4207 | PO Box 1183, BEENLEIGH QLD 4207



Trish, the story of your perseverance through what was obviously a difficult time bears witness to your strength of character and your faith.

Your honest presentation of the circumstances leading up to your incarceration and your openness in admitting your failures in the process were refreshing to hear.

I think anyone who was struggling with their life circumstances would be encouraged to “hang in there” and look for the hidden treasure in what they are experiencing.

Alan Lamb
General Manager of a Large Aged Care Facility




I found your talk this morning very inspirational and uplifting.   Although your misguided compassion for investors you were dealing with led to the ultimate shame and humiliation of a period of incarceration, you have managed to take this experience and turn your life around.    Sharing this journey of discovery on how a very astute and careful investor can be manipulated and duped despite all the checks and balances is a real insight.

I highly recommend your book "Dangerous Wealth' to everyone.    Most of us have made unwise business choices throughout life which we tend to keep private.   You have faced your demons fearlessly by writing a book of these experiences,  pointing out warning signals that we all should heed, and, hopefully, avoid the numerous pitfalls of financial disasters.   You are indeed the ultimate "Warrior Princess"!

I look forward to your second book - please keep my on your mailing list.

Caroline M

Retired - Grey Nomad!







On behalf of the chamber, I want to sincerely thank you for your forthright and energetic presentation.

We could only imagine at some of the content prior to your arrival, and your message: with its life-lessons for all present were clearsimple to understand and timely.

You framed a difficult topic with warmth and humour, and whilst it was at times confronting, as small business owners and company directors it was a valuable warning and was recognised as such by all present.

We wish you all the success possible as you now embark upon your new path, and trust that you will return again in the future.




Kevin Lovewell

Chamber of Commerce & Industry
P.o. Box 817
North Lakes Qld 4509





Thanks for speaking at the North Lakes Chamber of Commerce breakfast last week.  I enjoyed the raw and honest energy you displayed – telling us just ‘how it is’ without beating around the bush!  It’s fantastic that your hard learnt lessons are providing education for others to avoid the same pitfalls.

There are two things I got out of the talk, the first one relating to business is to surround yourself with people with a proven track record, who have integrity and you can trust (albeit a hard one to really gauge sometimes).. And, to trust my own gut instincts.

On a personal level, I felt a lifting of fear within me – witnessing you making the most of a tough time and lesson and put that experience to such a positive use advising others how to avoid your mistakes.  It just goes to show you can sit still and do nothing but fear the worst outcome, or have a go – even if it means getting the worst outcome because the best might just come from it! All the best with your journey – please do keep me on your email list.

Wendy Tyrrell
North Lakes Self-Storage
PH: 0417 447 225




As an owner of a Real Estate Business and Licensed to operate two trust accounts, Trish opened my eyes to what could happen if you don’t keep focused on the accounts. Keeping tight approval processes in place are a must.

I felt I wanted all my staff, friends and family there to listen and learn from Trish. I felt Trish was a realist that travelled down the wrong and unknown path.

I felt sorry, then sad, then joy that Trish came out the right side and can now teach and be open to others.

Thank you so much Trish

Brett Mason

Business Owner/Licensee
Harcourts North Lakes/Mango Hill
Mbl: 0432735537
Tel.   07 3491 7180
Fax.  07 3491 7950


Sometimes we go through life without seeing anything, we just work and sleep. Then something comes along to jar us out of our comfort zone. Trish has managed to make me think about all the things I missed along the way that took away some of our wealth and freedom.

You lose trust and faith in everyone.

But there is hope and Trish has proved this true.

She has managed to make something great out of something horrendous.

She inspires us and makes us wary.  May we all learn the valuable lessons she has to teach us? I know I’m starting to.

Pam Rackley
First Options Training Solutions
0412 412 636



Thank you for sharing your story. Within my profession, we try and assist people to triumph against the past and move into a brighter future. It is sometimes hard to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel after life changing setbacks, though your ability to endure and triumph is once again proof that the human spirit can overcome. I hope to listen to you speak again soon."

Barb Maddern
Epic Employment


I was truly moved to tears when I heard Trish speak at a recent Breakfast function about her experiences and unforeseen circumstances relating to business fraud.  The reality is, her  story could be anyone's story.  No one is immune.  However, Trish's courage in sharing with us what would have been the darkest time in her life,  has enabled us to be more enlightened, informed and prepared.

Her message is very strong.  Trish speaks with emotion and from the heart and is a wonderful inspiration to all who listen."




Sue Gatehouse
Harmony Massage & Body Care
1099 D'Aguilar Highway, Wamuran
Phone 54298660 Mobile 0404264624



I regularly engage speakers at my business networking events. I try to obtain speakers that have an important message which can be delivered from a different viewpoint. Trish certainly ticked those boxes so I had her speak at my Northern Networking Group event in April 2011 on the Gold Coast. As Trish was speaking, I looked around the room, and I could see the group’s faces fully focused on Trish and her message. The group’s feedback was fabulous – she was an absolute hit. They found, as I did, that Trish was captivating with her well thought out presentation. Please note I gave Trish a time limit of 10 minutes + question time and she executed that perfectly. I have no hesitation in recommending Trish – she speaks from the heart and with passion.


Maree Morton
Co-ordinator (Gold Coast)
Targeting and connecting local business people


Your talk and the message you shared with us about 'changing our perspective' on how we look at things that happen in our lives, positive or negative was really positive and inspirational.  I have been through some really tough challenges in my life over the last 2 years professionally and personally and your message really touched my heart.

Kind regards,
Elvira - Acupuncturist

"Loved your presentation, spontaneous and buoyant and very relevant to (I assume) most of us there, I’ve definitely been there - done that!

What I got from yesterday -  ‘We can’t change the past but we can change what it means to us.’  What a gem.

Thank you.
Elaine - Gold Coast  April, 2011




As a Speaker Trish is warm, compassionate, forthright and funny, blending the bare facts with courage and humility.  Her commitment to using her life’s experience to make a positive contribution to others permeates everything she does.

Diane Viola

Relationship & Family Coach
Family Constellations Practitioner


I felt your story was well received by all who attended our seminar. Notes were taken and people understand better that doing what you may think is the moral thing to do with money, just may be the wrong thing. It is also so wonderful to know you have the courage to stand out front and share your past experiences.  I look forward to keeping in touch and hearing of your personal and professional growth in the speaking arena.



You reading this, if you or someone you know is looking for a speaker with a message which should be heard.  I suggest you put Trish forward as a presenter which will have your audience thinking “What would I have done if I were in Trish’s position?”

Brian Haupt
Speaker Seeker for BRISBANE Business SWAP

‘I was fortunate to hear Trish Jenkins speak, and deliver some very clear messages about the incidences of fraud in our society, and the many warning signals to be aware of in our day to day dealings with others. Trish spoke of her experiences in an open manner. She spoke of the actions we can all take to ensure we protect ourselves from those less scrupulous people we may well encounter in our respective workplaces and lives.

The passion with which  Trish delivered her message made it not only a very enjoyable learning experience, but a memorable one with clear take home messages. I can only recommend that anyone in business who has the opportunity to hear Trish deliver her message, including both men and women, will benefit from the experience.’

Bill Van Nierop
Director, AgExcellence P/L March 2011
Web: www.agexcellence.com.au


Dear Trish,

It was soooooo great to see you on Tuesday night. Thank you so much for my copy of your book. I have been talking to people about your book and telling your story. I can't wait for your next book and I'd love to hear you speak again as your story is so powerful and such a warning to others who are vulnerable. I know because I am one who has loaned a significant amount and I see no hope of recovering any of this money. I will be studying your book very closely.

Warmest Regards
J.C. of Brisbane March 3, 2011

Trish Jenkins shared her extraordinary story with valuable, practical insights people do not usually consider when investing. The feedback received from our group was that she touched their hearts as well as their heads. Our group Property magic expressed how genuine Trish is; and how passionate she wants to help others not make mistakes she has experienced in the past.

Trish is authentic. It is clear she genuinely cares  about real life lessons and strategies we could use straight away to protect and increase our wealth.

We look forward to having her speak again.

Dougie Misipeka ( Administrator for Property Magic)



"Trish Jenkins's recent life experience can be compared to a rollercoaster ride. She got to experience real success in business that any woman can only dream of and later got challenged by unforeseen circumstances which became an inspiration for writing and publishing her own book. I got to hear Trish's story at one Public Speaking event for the first time. I was on the edge of my seat while listening to her experience that made her a stronger person willing to help others in raising awareness about safe wealth building strategies. Trish's short talk made me to want to know more and few weeks later I was privileged to be in the audience of about 80 business people where she was delivering a talk about Fraud Prevention. My heart was moved when she was describing her tough learning lessons. It's amazing how she overcame the adversity as a businesswoman and mum of three beautiful children. What I learned from Trish is the fact that no matter how hard we get hit by what life brings us it's about ability to get up again and pursuing the passion within. Thank you Trish and keep inspiring."

Rado Trenciansky, Brisbane




"A Fantastic Audience Experience! Trish is Well Worth the Investment in your People!"






Professional Conference Organiser's Association


“From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing your story with us.  It was so moving and yet totally uplifting and you so carefully wove in the work that the VIEW ladies do and the contribution they make both to The Smith Family and to all of our communities.   Your presentation was flawless.” - Lyn Holmes, View Club


John Hurd - Tweed Heads/Gold Coast "Business Excellence" Event




On behalf of the CPA Queensland Forensic Accounting Discussion Group, I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to you for the presentation Dealing with Fraudsters...

The feedback received from the audience was very positive. Your presentation provided a valuable first-hand insight into the personality and behavioural characteristics of both fraud perpetrators and their victims. The topics you addressed will no doubt be of great assistance to the group's members in the way they conduct their investigations in the future.

David Lonton

Convenor - Queensland Forensic Accounting Discussion Group
Level 29, 10 Eagle Street
Brisbane QLD 4000



  1. When Trish Jenkins shares her incredible story with you. You will be truly inspired! Trish’s story is a warning to high flyers to retirees and everyone in between. Her story is shocking. Her message is simple. Her recovery is sensational. I can’t wait for the movie adaptation … It’s not how low you go … it’s how high you bounce back.

  2. Whilst reading Trish’s extaordinary true story, “Treasures of Darkness” , it was relayed in a way that I could almost imagine myself in her shoes,stirring all kinds of emotions inside. Even though I am a busy person, I am finding that I am having trouble putting it down. I have always been intrigued with Prisons and Prison life and I found it fascinating to learn what prison is really like, depicting it in great detail, when it is a subject most people know little about. Trish is now delivering a very powerful message to all walks of life, relaying to them that you can grow and teach others from your experience in a positive light, from any sort of adverse situation. Her message is powerful in saying that all experiences are given to us as gifts, whether negative or positive and some are set to challenge us to enable us to grow and learn, to also benefit others.These experiences give us strength to be able to succeed in any of lifes challenges. Well done Trish for utilising your story to benefit others…I look forward to getting to know you better and to assist you in your mission!

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