1 of 2 Interviews with Pamela Rasheed, Infertility Specialist Nurse




This is the first interview on infertility, how it is treated and how to be a friend (what not to say!) The 2nd one straight after, is faith based and will continue live over at www.youtube.com/trishjenkinsfaith and www.facebook.com/trishjenkinsministry Infertility is a taboo topic , still shrouded in secrecy. The torment felt by both women and men is often misunderstood by those around them. Infertility nursing specialist and author, Pamela Rasheed has worked with many couples through their infertility journey. In this interview we find out what that journey can involved and strategies that can help prospective parents and those around them to be better friends to them. Please join us LIVE @trishtvpodcast www.youtube.com/trishjenkins www.linkedin.com/in/jenkinstrish Look for “Barren: The Inside World Of Infertility” by Pamela G. Rasheed MSN RN where you buy your books. THEN we will switch to my ministry pages to discuss the faith and spiritual aspects of overcoming infertility. Many Christian women and men have been deeply hurt and judged by insensitive friends. Breakthroughs come for different reasons. Miracles happen in many ways. Join us for this “behind the scenes” chat.

Here are a few deep issues and tips


  1. Blame is a big game that gets played fiercely behind closed doors by both males and females, depending on who has the primary diagnosis of infertility.


Tips from the Infertility Nurse

Remember your marriage pledge, “For better or for worse.” Put your “Couple Power” to work and avoid faulting your partner; you are a “one-unit” structure now. Get an outside perspective by seeking counselling from a professional, psychologist, or faith-based person if needed, but don’t let self-blame or the impulse to blame your partner dominate. If either of you had the choice, you would not choose your diagnosis – it’s there to be dealt with and overcome, not to engulf and overtake you.


  1. Females are at a higher disadvantage of being labelled barren more than men. The stigma that follows a couple can pressure their health and well-being, catapulting the couple into a spiral of seclusion, depression, loneliness, bitterness, and self-hatred.

Tips from the Infertility Nurse

It benefits the woman to open up to someone who will not be judgmental but will listen and acknowledge her concerns. A place to begin may be with your primary doctor – a GYN or a PCP.

  1. Anger causes couples to inflict deep emotional and psychological wounds on each other and can ultimately lead to a breakdown in their relationship, hence a more stressful journey and ultimate failure. Blame leads to anger, and anger leads to an inability to cope with the diagnosis and seek treatment effectively. 

Tips from the Infertility Nurse

First, acknowledge that your feelings of anger, grief, anxiety, and uncertainty are real. Be honest about your feelings with your partner and be open to hear his/her part even if silence is all you hear.


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