1,000 Ripple Effects interview with Stacey Huish

1,000 Ripple Effects interview with Stacey Huish



Stacey Huish creates Ripple Effects that impact whole communities for good. Her latest project is bringing stories and much-needed wisdom to kids who have no one. Stacey leaves lasting impressions in the hearts and minds of those who come in contact with her. She has successfully grown 5 start-up businesses, founded a Not for Profit Organisation and Authored two books. Creating Ripple Effects has been a major part of Stacey’s success.

Creating a Ripple Effect is more than just following a program or protocol. Join us for this enlightening and vibrant speaker whilst making connections. With a large heartfelt vision, Stacey is going to share her 1000 Ripple Effects Project with us. Stacey shares how she found certain types of nutrition relieved her endometriosis pain. There is a page on her website about it. Join in the conversation LIVE at youtube.com/trishjenkins or linkedin.com/in/jenkinstrish, and my Facebook profile. More on Stacey’s project at www.1000rippleeffects.com

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