21st Century Resilience: 3 Questions to ask of any circumstance

21st Century Resilience: 3 Questions to ask of Every Difficulty




Have you ever met anyone who was more interested in BEING RIGHT than getting it right?

Joan was so stressed she couldn’t sleep, she was sick about what happened at work.

Have you ever had that sick feeling of dread going to work? I have.

Joan had been a nursing matron for 40 years and knew everything about how to take care of patience. Imagine her shock when a staff complained she was a BULLY and she was forced to attend my communication skills workshop.

SHE KNEW SHE WaS RIGHT and the other woman was wrong.

21st Century problems require 21st Century Solutions, not opinions.

Challenges come in the form of problems. Problem people, circumstances, tools, economics, and our own mistakes. Whatever problem you face, remember to ask these three questions. They will increase your mental agility, your ability to find solutions, and your resilience.

1. How else can I see this person?

2. How else could I see this circumstance?

3. Who am I being, in this?

Back to Joan – We did some personality and communication styles diagnostics and she finally saw the woman, her circumstances and herself, differently. She actually looked forward to going back to work!

Questioning our assumptions in a situation opens our mind to solutions. 21st Century Resilience requires a degree of awareness that is higher than what we are currently seeing in the problems around us.

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