It’s Resilient Finance week at Trish TV and this strategy is fabulous for getting on top of your income and outgoings even if your income is unpredictable!

Disclaimer: This is not personal financial advice and does not take into account your individual circumstances. You alone are responsible for your financial decisions because you are a grown up!

Thanks to Barefoot Investor, Scott Pape for the reference to the Mojo account and to Martin Morris for the “buckets” imagery. 😀

Create sub accounts at your bank and label them for your fixed and flexible categories of outgoings. Be sure to include a “Fun” account or “Mojo” account (for getting back your mojo).

You may want to include a “giving” account so you are ready to donate to anyone or any cause that touches you.

My Auntie Lesley told me young brides should have a “running away from home” account. Just knowing it was there and they can leave if they want, frees them to stay.

If you have a mortgage, using offset accounts can help reduce the interest you pay.

Talk to a financial professional before making major decisions (just beware they are paid on commission, too! :).


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