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Want your supervisor to LISTEN to you? How about your staff? Diane Diresta empowers people to speak so they’ll be heard and not ignored. HOW you say your piece is as important as WHAT you say. Resilience is undermined when you don’t feel listened to. Have the skills to confidently say what you need to strengthens you and gets you what you need. More on Diane at www.diresta.com More on Trish at www.speakertrishjenkins.com

Tips from the broadcast

You don’t have to be a c-suite executive to have executive presence! It’s in your body language and voice.

Take a seat where you’re going to be visible, sit next to the Power Players.

This is a grounding position. Feet flat on the floor lean in, and then put both hands on the table. Sitting up straight and looking directly at the listener. You’re going to look confident. If you look confident, people will think you’re confident. It doesn’t matter how you’re feeling inside because you are now wearing the uniform of confidence.

Keep doing this and your neural pathways will start to change and you will be confident.

Adjust for the culture of the workplace. It’s not about being inauthentic, it is about how the listener best listens. Effusiveness may put a quiet person off.

C-suite people usually want headlines and dot pointes, get to the point.

Implementers, engineers, Workplace Health and Safety people usually require details. Tell illustrative stories but keep them short.

Get to the point.

Ladies, don’t tilt your head when talking. It’s OK for active listening but it’s a submission posture.

Beware lifting your voice at the end of a statement the way you do for a question.

And so much more! Diane’s has a free course for presenters at www.diresta.com “7 Deadly Mistakes Speakers Make and How to Avoid Them for Maximum Success!”


The strongest prison bars are in your head and it’s time for a jail-break! Entertaining and engaging, inspirational, motivational speaker Trish Jenkins delivers virtual (online) and live keynotes, workshops and interviews for leaders and teams on how to build resilience, adapt to change and love leadership. She is an author on financial due-diligence, and has a book out on her prison experience after unwittingly working for a fraud in a mutual fund. Trish enables people to break out of their prisons of self limiting beliefs so they can achieve their potential in life, leadership, sales, service and business.

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