Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor to Sur-Thrivor Rena Romano Interview!

From childhood sexual abuse to contemplating suicide to appearing on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” to the TEDx stage, Rena Romano has a story you won’t forget. Now a respected speaker, author, coach and known as a “Sur-THRIVER®” she shares the powerful lessons she learned for personal development, which will help you thrive in business, love, and life! Please like, share your thoughts and share this interview so others affected by Childhood sexual trauma may be encouraged to take steps to heal. We hear Rena’s story of abuse from the age of 4 by a family member, what that did to her life, her suicide plan, and then how she found help, therapy and wholeness to the point of helping others go from surviving to thriving, becoming Surthrivers!

Rena has a book called “His Puppet No More” available on Amazon and on her website, visit She also has a Ted Talk at

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