A little about Trish Jenkins

This is the page where Trish is supposed to look like a legend, where her achievements (which are considerable) are revered; where she is a superstar who can turn you into a superstar too. Trish does not see herself as a superstar or a “guru.”

“I’d love to say I was an entrepreneur from a young age, like the gurus who tell of selling ice-creams door to door at age 6 and making their first million by age 14! Not me. I did work in the family business as a kid but I wasn’t a star. I just had a go.”

Fraud Prevention Expert was not the direction Trish Jenkins expected her career to take her.

Today Trish is an investor, businesswoman and author who speaks to groups about fraud prevention, her journey to financial independence, the financial attacks that led to complete ruin and virtual homelessness, prosecution, the journey back to financial control, mental and emotional health.

“My inner Warrior Princess is not a physical superhero like Zena. She is the inner woman of strength and resiliance inside each one of us. She weilds the double-edged sword of finances with skill.”



Trish is married to her hero,    Justin. They have 3 beautiful, rambunctious daughters,  Chelsea and identical twins Felicity and Olivia. 

Like her daughters, Trish loves to ponder what makes people tick and is always curious. Oh, she also has a really weird sense of humor that can pop out at inappropriate moments!

My beautiful family in 2007. We had lost everything but we still had each other. From left: Olivia, Justin, Felicity, me then Chelsea.














Trish is a calculated risk taker in life as well as investments. After gaining qualifications as a high school teacher, she instead entered the business world of sales, marketing and photography. Her gift for communication usually made her the in-house trainer and presenter in each company.

Consistent with her quirky nature, Trish started her creative pet photography business, in spite of being allergic to cats!

It was after the birth of their first child in 1998 that her interest in investments was sparked. While battling then undiagnosed post-natal depression she picked up Jan Somers’ real estate book “Story by Story”. The foggy mind began to clear…

For the next 7 years Trish used her entrepreneurial flair to acquire and renovate properties, trade shares and options and connect with joint venture partners.

Trish is passionate about taking the worst things in life and turning them on their head; like when she created an impromptu concert among a group of women prisoners because the acoustics were so good in the building!

“To meet a badly broken woman, to weep with her, to make her smile when she hears for the first time that she is worth something…nothing beats that.”

Optimism provides the courage to change course when things are not working anymore. When Trish and Justin lost everything, they started fresh using what they knew. Justin sold real estate and Trish began writing the lessons they learned the hard way.

Treasures are found in dark places. Trish now shares those treasures with businesses and investors.