Interview with Annette Fazio of The Women Restaurant Owners Association

Annette Fazio of The Women Restaurant Owners Association




Do you know a woman in the restaurant, café, food service business? Be sure to let her know about this interview! With a lifetime in the restaurant business, Annette Fazio is one of the 3.5% of women who took their business over the million-dollar mark. She knows how hard it can be and what is needed to stay in business. Annette is a great source of encouragement and strategy who works with women in the restaurant business who dream of being able to enjoy their business AND have a life outside the 4 walls! She is the embodiment of resilience in both professional and personal life. Join us to find out how. Annette is the author of “Finding the Leader Within: A Journey of Commitment and Courage” Please join us  here or watch the interview at @trishtvpodcast

Annette’s gems

“Feed the heart of your customers”

“Like your staff and trust them.”

“Hire people who have more experience than you and trust them.”

“It is never about who does the most, but more about what matters most”.

“You are unique. Bring yourself to the table”.

More on Annette at and on Facebook look up  “The Women Restaurant Owners Association”.

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