Anti-dating or smarter dating?

This week I was asked if my book was an "anti-dating" book because it contained warning signals for romance.

Far from it.

I hope people find great relationships.

Knowing some warning signals will, in fact, enhance your chances of happiness by helping you narrow the field.

He may not be an out and out fraud, but if you can eliminate a bad prospect before you hand over your heart, you will save yourself a lot of grief and be another step closer to Mr. Right!

10 Tips for smarter dating

1. For the first date, the issue is safety. Meet at a public place. Let someone know who he is and where you are.

2. Meet his friends in their natural habitat. He is more likely to be himself around them.

3. How do his friends treat their wives or girlfriends? He won't be any different with you if they are his peers.

4. Watch how he treats his mother because that's how he'll eventually treat you!

5. Listen. What are his hobbies, financial views, prejudices.

6. Is he courteous? How does he treat the people who serve you?

7. What condition is his car in? This is a barometer measuring his regard for his guest.

8. Is he nosy about your assets?

9. Don't jump into bed prematurely. It makes retreat more difficult and you compromise your ability to see him objectively.

10. Have fun! If he's not Mr. Right, you could have found a great friend!

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