Diane Diresta

Listen Watch   Read Want your supervisor to LISTEN to you? How about your staff? Diane Diresta empowers people to speak so they’ll be heard and not ignored. HOW you say your piece is as […]

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Trish interviews Pat Iyer

Writing to get Business

Listen Watch Read Pat Iyer is a medical liability expert (hello Covid), a book coach and editor who knows more about choosing the right words than most people. Join me as I talk to Pat […]

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Trish Jenkins interviews Joyce Weiss on Conflict Resolution

Kick Conflict to the Curb

Listen Watch. Notes Isn’t it amazing how much drama occurs in the workplace? It’s like it has it’s own reality tv show. Can you relate? If so, it’s costing you – BIG TIME: low morale, […]

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2 Questions

Listen Watch Read. 2 Questions that undermine resilience and make you weak minded. Both happen in all areas of life, though in finance, they will keep you broke. One is “Why me?” The other is […]

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Listen Watch Read It’s Resilient Finance week at Trish TV and this strategy is fabulous for getting on top of your income and outgoings even if your income is unpredictable! Disclaimer: This is not personal […]

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The Power of Rest for Leaders

Listen  Watch      Read. Look after you. Think of your career as a business. You are You, Inc. Imagine yours is a multi-million dollar business with valuable equipment that must be maintained to stay […]

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Pros and cons of joining a board interview with Judy Garland McLellan

Pros and Cons of Joining a Board Interview with Julie Garland McLellan

Interested in boards or already on one? Here I interview board specialist Julie Garland McLellan on the joys and dangers of board membership. We also cover director’s responsibilities for staff and their mental health as they work from home during Covid-19 and post-Covid. Julie is a keynote speaker, board specialist and consultant on governance to Corporates and NFPs. #duediligence #corporategovernance #resilience #covid19leadership #corporateresponsibility

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How to Raise Capital Trish Jenkins interview with Mindy Barker

How to Raise Capital

Listen to the Podcast. Or Watch the Video. Trish TV interviews Mindy Barker THIS WEEK on how to prepare for the “Shark Tank” of the real world! We cover 3 mistakes entrepreneurs make that put […]

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