Grilling Leaders

Interview of Paul Skip Smith on his Resilient Leadership Experience

Paul “Skip” Smith has led and grown organisations for more than 20 years. He talks about the dynamic of leading volunteers as well as paid staff. He shares the journey and I pressed him on the toughest times and asked how he responded to them, including a controversial coup d’etat.
Betrayal can cause anxiety and depression. Paul shares his strategies to getting over that pain and remaining resilient.

Trish Jenkins is a motivational speaker who works with organizations that want to help their leaders and teams to unlock resilience, adapt to change and love leadership.

Build Resilience

Hilarious Response from Business and Professional Women!


Group review here! An amazing group of business women calling out their responses after Trish spoke to them about beating fear and building resilience, lessons from the lock-up.

Enjoy a giggle. When a topic is serious it's important to lighten it with humour so the audience is not overwhelmed but is instead, encouraged.

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