Guest Blog by US based Aussie Gael McCarte

Ex-pat Aussie Gael McCarte is a journalist living in the USA. Her blogs are a great read.

Recently Gael interviewed me for her blog in Her article was reproduced in a number of other blogs so I thought it appropriate to add it here.

Enjoy the read!


Gael has written her own book, a novel  The Con.


It fictionalizes my (Gael's) work with offenders in Perth, Western Australia. The reader has a front row seat to Aussie family life, the criminal mind, the elite schools in Perth, the upheavals caused by the mining and housing boom as tilers and carpenters now out earn physicians. It reveals bush life in Kalgoorlie the gold mining area, and the general Australian life style as it is really lived. The book has cultural and psychological integrity and is difficult to put down while the twist in the end is impossible to predict.

Also available as an ebook
Available in Australia at Seek Books

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