Here is How to break bad habits and create good ones for success

Would you like to know how to break bad habits and create good ones? Well, here it is. My guest Tony Curl is going to share his winning “breaking bad” mindset strategy. See what I did there? He calls it his “Breaking the Shackles” program. Ever thought why can’t I break bad habits? Why do a always do this? Why can’t I stick to good habits? We’ll get some answers in this interview! Be sure to join us, like, comment, rate, as per your preferred platform. The strongest prison bars are in your head and it’s time for a jailbreak! Entertaining and engaging, inspirational, motivational speaker Trish Jenkins delivers virtual (online) and live keynotes, workshops and interviews for leaders and teams on how to build resilience, adapt to change and love leadership. She is an author on financial due diligence and has a book out on her prison experience after unwittingly working for a fraud in a mutual fund. Trish enables people to break out of their prisons of self-limiting beliefs so they can achieve their potential in life, leadership, sales, service and business. Find out more and book Trish for your event at

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