How to come up with Creative Business Strategies with Dianne Devitt

How to come up with Creative Business Strategies interview with Dianne Devitt




Dianne Devitt is is an expert on creative inspiration for business solutions. Her research on sensory communication helps people to attract, retain and reward customers, employees and participants. Creativity refreshes our resilience and mindset.

Be an organisation that creates a safe environment for staff to offer ideas.

It’s scary do offer ideas. Be brave and do it anyway.

If you think your workplace won’t welcome your suggestions, don’t assume that’s the case. Do it anyway.

Follow protocols but keep a record of your ideas and the meetings you have about them. It will benefit you in your next review.

Don’t fear people stealing your ideas, by all means protect them, own them but understand you have more. Don’t get bitter about your supervisor claiming it. Don’t squabble over which portion you contributed to the team. Always keep a record of your contribution and date it.

On focus. Keep the goal in mind so you don’t follow rabbit holes. Not all ideas take you forward.

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