Interview of Mike Noone Resilient Marketing Tips

Marketing survival tips with Mike Noone




A Resilient business is adaptable. Every business has been forced online and an uncertain future means planning is near impossible. Mike Noone is a marketing expert who challenges business owners to look beyond typical marketing tactics. Mike is going to share three things you can do today to position yourself, to improve the quality of your leads and therefore your bottom line.

Mike also shared his story of losing his entire business when Google changed it’s algorithm. He suddenly became invisible online. Then ageism and his nationality made potential employers reject him.

He rebuilt anyway!

Mike’s take aways:

Don’t rely on one source of income, develop others.

Revisit your skills to see what else you can do if you have to. Keep adding to your skills to stay current.

It’s only the end if you believe it. Humans are resilient, you are a human, therefore you are resilient. You can come back from the brink at any age.

Don’t listen to ageism.

Visit and find a number of free resources and get in touch with Mike for a consultation! The strongest prison bars are in your head and it’s time for a jail-break! Entertaining and engaging, inspirational, motivational speaker Trish Jenkins delivers virtual (online) and live keynotes, workshops and interviews for leaders and teams on how to build resilience, adapt to change and love leadership. She is an author on financial due-diligence, and has a book out on her prison experience after unwittingly working for a fraud in a mutual fund. Trish enables people to break out of their prisons of self limiting beliefs so they can achieve their potential in life, leadership, sales, service and business.

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