What Your Staff Can Learn About How to Get Heard

This program will change how you get what you need from others.  Your words affect your workplace, your workmates and your mental eco-system. Your assumptions and biases affect how you communicate. Your listener’s assumptions and biases affect their desire to hear you. You’re not a slave to your environment or your workmates; you’re a slave to your thoughts.  Control your thoughts, filter what comes in, and really see people for who they are.


In this compelling, practical program, your people will learn:


  • Three important Lessons from the Lockup
  • Why you are talking to a brick wall (it’s not them; it’s you)
  • How to recognise and work with Longwinded Louise,  Harry Headliner, Detailed David, Gloria the Invisible Gold-Mine. They are on your team, in your life and among your customers!
  • How to control your mental eco-system to avoid conflict
  • How to enjoy the people around you, even the strange ones


Trish Jenkins spent eight months in prison after unwittingly working for a con artist. She learned more while locked up than she did in her 20 years in the business world, about resilience, boundaries, and empathy.

Improve productivity, teamwork and morale, while reducing time-consuming strife, costly conflict and staff turnover.

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