Bullies and Cry-Babies, Professionals and Prisoners:

Equipping Your Staff to Handle Conflict

This program will challenge your approach to costly conflict. When one person’s “robust conversation” is another person’s “bullying" you have a problem. 

4 out of 5 people leave a job because of a manager or colleague. 3/4 of them did not give any prior indication there was a problem. It costs 2 ½ times a salary to replace someone. That means someone on a $60,000 income costs $150,000 to replace.

This program will challenge perceptions of bullying and assumptions about acceptable behaviour. High-stress industries such as health, finance and sales are fraught with "peer" conflict from redirected frustration.  Increased Workplace Diversity can create great opportunities as well as misunderstandings. 

Ensuring a healthy workplace culture requires a proactive approach. It starts with your mental eco-system. A harmonious workplace is more productive but it doesn’t just happen. You’re not a slave to your environment; you’re a slave to your thoughts. Control your thoughts, filter what comes in, and really see people for who they are.

In this compelling, practical program, your people will learn:


  • Three important Lessons from the Lockup
  • Why bullies don’t know they are bullies
  • Why you don’t have to go to prison to feel helpless
  • How to empower cowardly managers to deal with the issues
  • How to control your mental eco-system to see past the problem
  • How to enjoy the people around you, even the strange ones

Trish Jenkins spent eight months in prison after unwittingly working for a con artist. She learned more while locked up than she did in her 20 years in the business world, about resilience, boundaries, and empathy.
Improve productivity, teamwork and morale, while reducing costly conflict and unnecessary staff turnover.

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3.31 mins Trish Live Including References