1. When Trish Jenkins shares her incredible story with you. You will be truly inspired! Trish’s story is a warning to high flyers to retirees and everyone in between. Her story is shocking. Her message is simple. Her recovery is sensational. I can’t wait for the movie adaptation … It’s not how low you go … it’s how high you bounce back.

  2. Whilst reading Trish’s extaordinary true story, “Treasures of Darkness” , it was relayed in a way that I could almost imagine myself in her shoes,stirring all kinds of emotions inside. Even though I am a busy person, I am finding that I am having trouble putting it down. I have always been intrigued with Prisons and Prison life and I found it fascinating to learn what prison is really like, depicting it in great detail, when it is a subject most people know little about. Trish is now delivering a very powerful message to all walks of life, relaying to them that you can grow and teach others from your experience in a positive light, from any sort of adverse situation. Her message is powerful in saying that all experiences are given to us as gifts, whether negative or positive and some are set to challenge us to enable us to grow and learn, to also benefit others.These experiences give us strength to be able to succeed in any of lifes challenges. Well done Trish for utilising your story to benefit others…I look forward to getting to know you better and to assist you in your mission!

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