Angus, My Jamie Fraser Outlander is a horse.

Resilient Finance: Outsource your Fun!




Pools. Boats. Horses. They all have one thing in common. It’s like showering with $100 notes! The only thing better than having a pool, is the neighbours’ pool. So too, with horses, especially with horses! Having a boat is not as much fun as using a boat. The cost of renting a better one for a day a couple of times a year with a bunch of your mates.

Young adults in cities have learned it can make more sense to get a taxi or Uber than own a car.

Many speaker friends have said they DON’T want to go back to Travelling!

Funny thing about houses too. It can work out better to be a tenant AND a landlord at the same time!

When you want something, think about

1. How you’ll use it

2. How it is paid for

3. How can I minimise the cost

What suggestions do you have for enjoying things without buying them?

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The strongest prison bars are in your head and it’s time for a jail-break! Entertaining and engaging, inspirational, motivational speaker Trish Jenkins delivers virtual (online) and live keynotes, workshops and interviews for leaders and teams on how to build resilience, adapt to change and love leadership. She is an author on financial due-diligence, and has a book out on her prison experience after unwittingly working for a fraud in a mutual fund.

Trish enables people to break out of their prisons of self limiting beliefs so they can achieve their potential in life, leadership, sales, service and business.

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