Staying Sane in Crazy Times interview with Sue Lester

Staying Sane in Crazy Times interview with Sue Lester




As we emerge from the Covid craziness, are you feeling one minute like “I’ve got this” to the next, wanting to curl up under your favourite blanket? Sue Lester is a speaker, coach and author on mindset and how to CLEAR HEAD TRASH!!! Join in the conversation LIVE at or, and my Facebook profile. More on Sue at
Salient points:
When you are flustered, focus on right now, this moment. Are you safe? If not, go to safety. If yes, breathe and tell yourself you are safe, what is your next step?
Don’t assume your thought is true. The other person’s opinion may be valid. A different opinion is not always a wrong one, just different.
Ask for clarity when someone says something you don’t agree with or find offensive. Perhaps you misunderstood? It’s better to know than to quietly resent someone. The strongest prison bars are in your head and it’s time for a jailbreak! Entertaining and engaging, inspirational, motivational speaker Trish Jenkins delivers virtual (online) and live keynotes, workshops and interviews for leaders and teams on how to build resilience, adapt to change and love leadership. She is an author on financial due diligence and has a book out on her prison experience after unwittingly working for a fraud in a mutual fund. Trish enables people to break out of their prisons of self-limiting beliefs so they can achieve their potential in life, leadership, sales, service and business. Find out more and book Trish for your event at Thanks for joining me today! Please like, comment and subscribe. Click the bell to be notified when new videos are up! More samples, reviews and how to hire Trish for your group at Ministry: LinkedIn… Facebook @TrishTVpodcast Podcast “21st Century Resilience with Trish Jenkins” Instagram trishjenkinstv Would you like to know how Trish can help you equip your leaders and teams with 21st Century Resilience for the New World? Call +61 418 556 198 (Brisbane time zone). 21st Century Resilience #trishjenkins #buildresilience #leadershipspeaker #leadersandteams #beatcovidblues #overcomeadversity #mindset #leadership #resilience #changemanagement #adaptability #howtobebrave #courage #Australianspeaker #inspiring #inspiringspeaker #inspiringconferencespeaker #inspiringwomensspeaker #womensspeaker #covid19 #isolation #workfromhome #wfh #mentalhealth #meetingprofessionals #growthmindset


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