Pros and cons of joining a board interview with Judy Garland McLellan

Pros and Cons of Joining a Board Interview with Julie Garland McLellan

Interested in boards or already on one? Here I interview board specialist Julie Garland McLellan on the joys and dangers of board membership. We also cover director’s responsibilities for staff and their mental health as they work from home during Covid-19 and post-Covid. Julie is a keynote speaker, board specialist and consultant on governance to Corporates and NFPs. #duediligence #corporategovernance #resilience #covid19leadership #corporateresponsibility

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Veteran’s Character

Mick, a Vietnam veteran with a back full of shrapnel, diabetes, two bad knees and a recently replaced hip, hobbled around the little Suzuki Swift hatchback leaning heavily on two walking sticks. In a gravelly […]

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