Who is this Aussie speaker and what sets her apart?


Resilience expert and business author Trish Jenkins has seen Resilience interpreted in many ways. Is it grit? Is it overcoming a shocking adversity? Does it come from grinding persistence? Phew! Is Resilience as serious and tough as it sounds?


Or is there a different perspective? 


With three decades of business and extreme customer service experience; and having overcome her own shocking set-back Trish’s approach is radically different and refreshing.


To Trish, Resilience is neither a teeth gritting effort nor a clever “one-liner”, it is a way of life that prepares people for change, turnaround, and opportunity. What's more, when it taps into your X-Factor it will revolutionize how you live life as a leader, team member and customer service champion.


Your unique Resilience X-Factor empowers you to fearlessly face change, love what you do and Win. Every. Time.

Like Trish, you may be tired of cheesy cliches from cookie-cutter speakers. People learn best when they encounter authentic, lived experience.  When that person is transparent and passionately delivers practical, tested strategies to unlock mental and emotional strength, you release the power to move forward, solve problems and get more sales.


Companies such as Sheraton, Marriott, CPA Forensic Accounting Group, MMI have raved about Trish’s ability to strengthen and equip their people, including:


  • The one ingredient X-Factor Leaders use when giving correction, without which they should resign or be fired.
  • The X-Factor game of customer service, and
  • The two rules of fiscal responsibility. 

At the peak of Trish’s success, a business associate stole millions of dollars from clients through a Ponzi scheme. Trish fell in breach of the Corporations Act. Her penalty could have been a fine, but in January 2009, with the world still hemorrhaging from the Global Financial Crisis, Trish was sentenced to 8 months in prison. 


Trish drew on five keys to tap into resilience and discovered the power of the Resilience X- Factor. Not only did it protect her mental ecosystem in a polluted world, it influenced those around her. The workplace is a much nicer environment than prison, (unless you are a prison officer). If these keys released resilience in the darkest of places, how much more will they work in the “real world” where a stab in the back doesn’t put you in hospital???


On returning home to her husband and three little girls, Chelsea, then aged 11 and twins Felicity and Olivia aged 7, Trish had to decide between what the world said about her and what her family needed. PTSD, anxiety and depression beckoned her to stay in bed for the rest of her life. Yet loved ones had also suffered and deserved the best wife and mother she could be.


Who knew her journey back would strengthen her family and overtake her previous success to the point of well-respected international speaker and author?

Trish is the author of 2 business books on Essential Due-Diligence in Finance and Relationships. Her 3rd book is her prison journey written as it happened.


Trish delights international audiences several times a year as a conference speaker, having served organisations in the USA, the UK, Europe, South Africa, Thailand and the South Pacific region. Inquire here.


Trish enjoys thrillers and laughter with her family.  Wherever possible, she'll slip away to find a horse to ride...


Trish and her husband Justin have been married since 1992 and their daughters are grown and making a difference in their own worlds. The Jenkins live in Brisbane, Australia.