What is emotional intelligence and why it matters more than ever

What emotional intelligence is and why it matters more than ever


Emotional Intelligence, also known as “emotional quotient” or EQ is about how well you understand and manage your and other people’s emotions. It is sometimes referred to as Emotional and Social Intelligence. This is an important leadership skill in the workplace for diffusing negative emotions and problem-solving. This week on Trish TV’s “Shift & Lift” Mindset Show we talk to Beverly Lewis about Social and emotional intelligence, EQ and how it relates to our current climate since the pandemic, of people prioritising their opinion over new information. I ask Beverly how we can encourage people with steps to overcome this tendency in themselves, sometimes referred to as “confirmation bias”, and how to converse with people who refuse to be open-minded. It matters because relationships are at stake. Emotional Intelligence matters in the workplace for people to be able to learn and grow and to get along. Join me as I interview Beverly on this fascinating, emotionally charged topic! Beverly is a speaker and author. Find out more about her at https://beverlyspeaks.com/ where you will find inspiration, motivation and mastery.

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