What to Do About Zoom Fatigue and Engagement

What to Do About Zoom Fatigue and Engagement

Zoom Fatigue? Not on my watch! What can you do about Zoom fatigue and online engagement? Managers, event planners, association folk, join me to find out easy ways to keep your people interested and engaged. Warwick Merry is a Master Online Event host, Producer and MC. Whether it’s Zoom, Teams or the latest app, you can make your meeting memorable (for the right reasons). Here’s how. We’ll also ask our zoom hero what he does when things don’t go according to plan! Join in the conversation LIVE at youtube.com/trishjenkins or linkedin.com/in/jenkinstrish, and my Facebook profile. More at www.warwickmerry.com.au

Warwick’s tips can be found at https://onlinepresenterpro.com/get7keys

Good lighting is important but good SOUND is more important than vision. You don’t have to spend a lot.

Notice people in the zoom and talk to them. It’s OK to laugh and move and show different scenes. It’s not OK to be boring and just drone on. For bigger events, best to hire a producer to take the headache away.

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