What would you do if you were brave?

What would you do if you were brave?

What if you were brave enough to do what you really wanted to? In a world full of fear, what risks do you wish you could take? What would you ask for? Where would you travel? Who would you talk to? Join me as I interview Singer, Philanthropist and Mult-Platinum Songwriter JANA STANFIELD about her life and the difference she is making in the world because she chose to be BRAVE. You will be inspired and entertained. Beat imposter syndrome and take a chance! Sometimes we choose to be brave and sometimes we have no choice. Life is short, have the adventure! So what is courage? It’s not the absence of fear. Sometimes you have to feel the fear and do it anyway! That’s courage. Do it afraid but do it.

Jana talks about being afraid to take a “gap year” on returning from Australia after she finished school. The fear of falling behind in the rat race drove her on. After years of success in the music industry, she finally took her gap year as a mature woman and found a new calling.

She took people on volunteering tours to places such as Vietnam where they would entertain children and do volunteer work. That work evolved again when she asked “How can we help refugees?” Today she uses her talents to fundraise for www.refugeefilmschool.com in Kaula Lumpur.

There she organised for the children of refugees to learn how to edit videos outsourced from businesses in western countries. Funds donated are used to purchase second-hand computers, around $500 USD each and for their continued learning.

If you have a group that could zoom together and enjoy Jana playing live via zoom, or if you would like to gift someone Jana singing to them, please find out more at www.refugeefilmschool.com

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