Why Simon Sinek’s “Leaders Eat Last” will be Ignored by Naked Emperors




Like in “The Emperor’s New Clothes” story, “Leaders Eat Last” is one that only those who want see its value, will see it, and those who don’t, will say they see it and continue their “lead by the numbers” style. I love the humanity, the honesty of Simon’s writing. It’s as though he cares how you respond, without caring about your approval.

He cares enough about people, that he’s not a “people pleaser”. He challenges conventional thinking on what kind of leadership creates profitable companies. Example used is comparing GE and Costco. GE prioritizes shareholders and Costco, it’s staff. The latter proved much more profitable over the long term. The companies that most need to improve their leadership and internal people skills, are the ones that least care about it. Sadly, they are not my market.

I will be doing a video on the concept of “toxic submission culture” in the near future. Like Sinek, it will not be received by those who need it most but hopefully, it will help free good people from wrong thinking.


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