Women in a Masculine Industry

I'm in Mackay, North Queensland for a week of speaking engagements. What an amazing town! Mackay has grown from the sleepy country town I knew as a sales rep 20 years ago. Now it is bustling with activity as the mining boom roars on!

It's a rich, masculine town without a doubt, but the core strength of the community is made up of those who understand people.

A double standard is never equalised by lowering yours. Women might represent 20% of an industry but they have great influence. An industry can only benefit when women understand their true worth and carry themselves accordingly. Without being arrogant or pushy, your dignity and confidence command respect. It's not about being politically correct. It's about self-respect, respecting those around you and expecting it in return.

In doing so, you will bring out the best in the men around you. They will rise to a higher standard of behaviour. They won't be able to resist, because it's what they were designed to grow into anyway.

Never underestimate the power of a woman's influence in a masculine industry.


Posted in Resilience.