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Trish Jenkins

never expected doing her job would land her in prison!


She could be your sister, your co-worker, your gym buddy. Someone who trusted the wrong person and ended up behind bars!

Yet Trish learned more in 8 months in prison than 20 years in the business world. She discovered keys to Resilience, Change and Leadership.


"The strongest prison bars are in your head"


Today Trish works with companies who want to build resilient leaders and teams, who are adaptable to change in a unpredictable world!


You want to hire an inspiring, motivational speaker with engaging and entertaining workshop programs with practical strategies that work.


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Fascinating Interview and Media Personality



TV news, Talk shows, Radio, Newspapers. The media loves Trish.

Wherever she travels, the media find her story engaging, entertaining and inspiring.

She is able to add humour and hope to serious issues, offering strategies that make people's lives victorious!


Program formats: Keynote, Workshops.

Weak Resilience costs millions in staff turnover, stress leave and lost sales. 

Sales leadership and customer service teamwork about grit and stamina? No. Instead, "Shift and Lift" away from the fear of rejection into the Resilience X-Factor mindset, the underestimated fuel that drives continuous sales. Resilient, adaptable leaders grow confident, adaptable teams.

Snub stress, smash limitations and even ENJOY those you serve!


Program formats: Keynote, Workshops and Coaching

It's no surprise, leaders and teams today are stressed and fearful, yet than ever they need to be resilient, engaged and adaptable to change. Your leadership matters. Trish understands fear, mistrust and reactive leadership. She was surrounded by difficult, defensive people in prison. Yet she learned what it took to win over challenging people and bring out their best. You can inspire your team's best when you Shift and Lift to Resilient Leadership.

The 5 Step Resilient Leader program delivered as Keynote or Workshops will help you Unlock your Resilient Leadership X-Factor that makes you engaging and empowers your team in any circumstance!


Program formats: Keynote, Workshops.

Do you know the three areas to investigate BEFORE you invest your money?

Did you know your accountant and lawyer can only advise on one of them?

Trish shares aspects of her story that will give every business owner and investor chills.

Fortunately she shares what you need to know to keep your money safe and yourself out of jail!

Ideal for associations, small business, investment groups, women's groups, women's financial groups.

"You scared the sh*t out of me. Thank you!!!" ~ Australian businessman who declined to be identified.


Program formats: Keynote, Workshops and Consulting

Agile organizations ONLY adapt to change when their people are on board.

Organizations that ignore outside expertise are breathing their own exhaust, self-congratulatory as they do a KODAK.

In the current climate of uncertainty, staff are frightened and stressed. Social distancing, adapting to new technology, and keeping up productivity is hurtling towards a collective "Covid PTSD" taking it's toll on your workforce and your insurance.

NOW is the time for Trish to help you equip your leaders and teams with tools from her unique story of adapting to massive change and her Shift and Lift Mindset program to turn any challenge to advantage.


(How to be Brave When You are Terrified!)

Program formats: Keynote, Workshops.

Be your own hero! Our world is bound by fear, terrorism, anxiety and self-preservation.

And no one gets out alive.

Unlock your Brave and Master your Mental Ecosystem as Trish shares keys from her personal story of unexpected imprisonment, its colourful characters, and the Shift and Lift mindset that changes everything. 

You will be inspired to face your future with hope and courage... and even a smile.

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Stephanie Sherwood, CEO Tapestry Business Women's Network



Trish kicked off our National Conference, she set the whole tone and to date, this was our BEST!



Martin Morris, Co-Founder & Director MMI (now Mcorp) Group



A Fantastic Audience Experience!


Trish is Well Worth the Investment in your People!


Suzanne Kallenbach, Logan Water Alliance




You have had a profound effect on our people!




Inspiration and Motivation: Trish Jenkins never expected doing her job would land her in prison!


At the height of corporate and investment success, Trish was unwittingly caught up in a funds management scandal. Her boss stole millions of dollars from clients, including Trish. As a result, she fell in breach of the Corporations Act.


Her penalty could have been a fine, but in January 2009, with the world still haemorrhaging from the Global Financial Crisis, Trish was sentenced to 8 months in prison. Away from her husband and three little girls and surrounded by some of Queensland's most dangerous criminals, Trish could have despaired. Instead, she learned more while incarcerated than in her 20 years in the business world, about resilience, change and leadership.


Trish began speaking about fraud warning signals in finance and relationships to business groups and has written 2 books on the topic. Then she noticed how often her audiences asked:


  • "What was prison like?"
  • "How did you cope with the fear, the people?"
  • "What did you do that brought you up again that I can apply to my work and personal life?"

Her answers change people's lives.


In her compelling presentations, Trish shares her story with its fascinating characters (names changed), and the mindset it took to turn her setback around. More importantly, the lessons she shares will enable audiences to respond with resilience to work and life’s unexpected changes and challenges.


Today Trish is an author, has built an international speaking business, ministers to faith groups, and invests again in property and futures.


When you are looking for an inspiring, motivational and practical speaker who has genuinely walked her talk  - Call Trish  +61 418 556 198. 


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