The Strongest Prison Bars are in your Head!


Trish Works with Companies who want to Build Resilient Leaders and Teams, who are Adaptable to


Change in an Unpredictable World! 

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Trish Jenkins


never expected doing her job would land her in prison!


 Yet Trish learned more in 8 months in prison than in her

20 years in the business world.


After unwittingly working for a fraudulent fund manager, she was found in breach of the Corporations Act.


and sentenced to 8 months behind bars.


Isolated from her husband and 3 little girls and surrounded by criminals, Trish knew she had to master her mind or lose it.

In doing so, she developed the "Shift & Lift" Process that changed everything.


Now it can change your team too!



The "Shift & Lift" Process Transforms the Results Your Leaders and Teams achieve with Clients, Colleagues and Conditions.


The result is INCREASED sales with EXCEPTIONAL customer service by CONFIDENT staff.


"Shift & Lift" to Increase Employee Engagement and Retain Your Top Talent!



Fascinating Interview and Media Personality


The media loves Trish.

Here's why.

Wherever she travels, the media find her story engaging, entertaining and inspiring.

Disarmingly funny, Trish brings hope and strategies that people love!

Engaging Virtual Presenter
Screen sharing that makes sense
Intimate moments
Mix of digital and real life tools
Trish knows how to use space online

Trish's Keynotes and Concepts.

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Some of Trish's clients

Stephanie Sherwood, CEO Tapestry Business Women's Network



Trish kicked off our National Conference, she set the whole tone and to date, this was our BEST!



Martin Morris, Co-Founder & Director MMI (now Mcorp) Group



A Fantastic Audience Experience!


Trish is Well Worth the Investment in your People!


Suzanne Kallenbach, Logan Water Alliance




You have had a profound effect on our people!




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